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- Silver medal at the Concours des Vignerons indépendants 2018 for our cuvée Madeleine Pinot Noir

- Silver Medal at the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon 2017 for our Saint Bris Vieilles Vignes 2015

Domaine Sorin De France

Cousins Maude et Sébastien SORIN
11 bis rue de Paris
89530 Saint Bris Le Vineux


Bourgogne Aligoté

Wine Bourgogne Aligoté
Wine Bourgogne Aligoté
Aligoté is a white grape used and licensed in the name of "Bourgogne Aligoté." This variety gives a crisp and fruity wine.

It is a robust variety that resists diseases and adapts very well to different soil types.

GRAPE : Aligoté 100 %

SOL : Clay-limestone, Kimmeridgian and Portlandian

PERFORMANCE : 60 hectoliters per hectare

BREEDING : Stainless steel vats

TASTING : Aperitif wine par excellence, it becomes Kir when combined with the crème de cassis. It goes perfectly with grilled fish. Its liveliness and citrus notes are resistant to iodine oysters as strong scented goat cheese. More simply, Bourgogne Aligoté is a rare wine to coax salads, tabbouleh or steamed vegetables. He is also a faithful companion gougères Burgundian snails and of course ham marbling.

Aging Time : 2-3 years


UNDERSTANDING FOOD AND WINE : Snails, oysters, cheese puffs, ham parsley, crustacean


Awards received :

    Millesime 2015

- Médaille de Bronze to ''Concours des Vignerons Indépendants 2018'' for ''Bourgogne Aligoté 2015''

    Millesime 2010

- Médaille d'Argent to ''Concours des Vins du Grand Auxerrois 2012'' for ''Bourgogne Aligoté 2010''

- 1 étoile to ''Guide Hachette 2013'' for ''Bourgogne Aligoté 2010''